Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters

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Episode I
Episode overview
Following the murder of King Verence, the infant prince is smuggled from the palace and left in the care of three witches. Set in science fantasy writer Terry Pratchett's wondrous flat world supported by four elephants on the back of a turtle.
Episode II
Episode overview
Travelling incognito with a band of strolling players, baby Tomjon receives special gifts from his three godmothers.
Episode III
Episode overview
While the new king of Lancre is busy destroying the land and terrifying the people, the ghost of King Verence devises a clever plan to lure one of the witches into the castle.
Episode IV
Episode overview
All seems lost when the witches are reminded that they cannot use magic to help the rightful heir onto the throne.
Episode V
Episode overview
Granny Weatherwax casts a spell that propels the Disc and its inhabitants 18 years into the future.
Episode VI
Episode overview
When the Felmets commission a play to discredit the witches and the late King Verence, all does not go as planned.