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Search for a Cure (1)
Episode 1 begins with Stiles in his jeep. First, Stiles hears a noise on top of his jeep. The noise was made by Scott. He is startled when Scott appaears. Similar to what Stiles did to .. show full overview
Search for a Cure (2)
Episode 2 begins with Stiles telling Scott, "This is the guy. This is your cure." Stiles tells Scott the man's name is Dr. Conrad Haberlind. He changed his name to Fenris due to the .. show full overview
Search for a Cure (3)
In Episode 3, Stiles and Scott track down Dr. Fenris. They see him in the parking lot, but instead of introducing themselves, they just scare him away. Stiles jumps on top of him. The .. show full overview
Search for a Cure (4)
In Episode 4, Stiles executes his plan B on Dr. Fenris. In this case plan B is to break into his house to see him. Scott says it's a bad idea. Stiles says he says all of his ideas are .. show full overview
Search for a Cure (5)
In Episode 5, Dr. Fenris finds Stiles and Scott and plans to gun them down after they tried to break in his house. Scott says that he wouldn't shoot because as a doctor he has an oath to .. show full overview
Search for a Cure (6)
In Episode 6, Scott and Stiles are talking to Dr. Fenris. Dr. Fenris talks about the difference between those who are born and those who are bitten. He tells Scott and Stiles about the .. show full overview
Take a journey back to the beginning of 'Teen Wolf' to see how one bite would forever change Scott's life.
Revelations (1)
A special half-hour after-show, “Teen Wolf Revelations,” will bring the series’ stars together on one stage to discuss the biggest moments from Season Two, share behind-the-scenes .. show full overview
Revelations (2)
Interviews with the cast and crew about the second season finale and what's to come in season three.
Back to the Pack
A recap of the previous two seasons, with cast interviews, and the trailer for the third season.
Revelations: Currents
Host Jill Wagner gets answers from the cast of Teen Wolf about the show’s biggest mysteries and behind the scenes secrets. Watch as they reveal on and off camera stories and answer fan questions.
Being Tyler Posey
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Teen Wolf Top Ten Moments
MTV looks back on Teen Wolf’s 10 most pivotal, heartbreaking, talked about, and OMG moments.
Fiercest Females Moments
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Teen Wolf Awards
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