Talking Tom and Friends

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Neighbor Roy
Episode overview
A new neighbor is moving in next door! But Talking Tom thinks he’s… TOO perfect. Can he expose the new guy’s dark secret? Or is jealousy making him totally paranoid?
Hank’s First Date
Episode overview
Talking Hank is going on his first-ever date… And it’s with Talking Becca! Could it be that romance is in the air? Or is Hank about to mess this up in a way that only he can?
Smash the Trash
Episode overview
Talking Ben’s new invention will make doing chores super easy! But when the machine malfunctions, the friends get transformed into paper-thin versions of themselves.
Ginger and the Girl
Episode overview
Talking Ginger can’t wait to get started on his new science project… Until Ms. Vanthrax pairs him up with a GIRL! Now he’s got to make it through this without getting cooties. Or falling in love!
Micro Spy Tom
Episode overview
Talking Tom has a brilliant plan to find out what Roy Rakoon is up to – he’ll shrink himself and go inside his neighbor’s body! What could go wrong?
The New Old Roommate
Episode overview
Talking Angela has a ghost in her apartment! And even worse, the ghost is acting like a really rude roommate. What’s a girl gotta do to evict this mysterious creature?
Dude Ranch Showdown
Episode overview
Howdy, pardners! Talking Tom is taking Talking Ginger to a dude ranch. But Tom has trouble focusing on cowboy fun when that varmint Roy Rakoon shows up...
Waitress Angela
Episode overview
Why is Talking Angela working at the diner? And why is her boss being so mean? Is Angela just not up to the task of being a waitress... Or is something else going on?
Beach Day in the Desert
Episode overview
It’s the last day of summer! Time to head to the beach for an awesome day of fun and friendship! Nothing can go wrong… Right?
Roommate War
Episode overview
It’s time for Talking Angela and Talking Becca’s first ROOMMATE PARTY! But if they can’t agree on what the party should be like, does that mean they shouldn’t even be friends?
Prank Attack!
Episode overview
It’s Prank Day! The holiday that you celebrate by pranking all your friends! No one is safe. Especially when Talking Tom makes a plan to pull the ultimate prank on Talking Ginger...
The Lullaby Monster
Episode overview
Talking Angela is the star singer for a new lullaby hologram created by Talking Ben! But when the hologram gets out of control and tries to put the whole world to sleep, only Angela can stop its terrifying reign of relaxation!
My Sweet Halloween
Episode overview
Everyone is having spooky fun decorating the garage for a big Halloween contest! But when Roy Rakoon looks like he’s going to be crowned the best decorator, it’s SCARY how far Talking Tom will go to beat him...
Alert! Parents in Town
Episode overview
Wiggity-what?! A party without the MC? The popular entertainer’s become all serious because his no-fun parents are coming to town, just when Talking Tom desperately needs a host for his super fun party.
The Incredible Super-Fan
Episode overview
Talking Hank absolutely HATES the new video game based on his favourite TV show “Bongo & McGillicuddy”. He thinks the game got everything about wrong, and he’s determined to fight that injustice by any means necessary!
Tom the Guru
Episode overview
All hail Talking Tom! His hot new grocery-based philosophy is changing lives. But when his followers start taking his wisdom too far, not even Tom can stop the chaos they cause!
Santa’s Phone
Episode overview
Christmas is the most magical time of the year… Unless you’re on Santa’s naughty list, which the friends totally are! Now they’ll do anything to erase some of their most misbehaved moments and get back on Santa’s good side.
Roy to the Rescue
Episode overview
Things are looking up… Talking Tom is competing in a hot air balloon race! But when Roy Rakoon saves him from a nasty crash, Tom is horrified to realize that he owes his life to his worst enemy.
Becca Fierce
Episode overview
It’s the return of Angie Fierce! Or at least, the return of her wig… Talking Becca has been wearing it to gain confidence on a scary reality show. Can Becca’s friends bring her to her senses before the wig takes over?
Breakup Curse
Episode overview
Are Talking Angela and Talking Tom breaking up?! They don’t want to, but when a fortune cookie says that it’s about to happen, they need to find a way to fight their tragic fate!
The Brave Sir Ginger
Episode overview
A magical sword turns Talking Ginger into a gallant knight! But being a knight isn’t always easy, and soon Ginger finds himself facing a foe he doesn’t think he can beat...
Who is Billy?
Episode overview
Has Talking Tom gone too far? He poses as a fake online person called “Billy” in order to spy on Roy Rakoon. But when Roy wants to find the real-life Billy, Tom’s humiliating secret isn’t safe anymore.
Angela’s New Look
Episode overview
A terrible accident has turned Talking Angela into a soccer ball! Will she be able to roll with this big change? Or will being a ball deflate her dreams forever?
Genius Test
Episode overview
The smartest kid in school turns out to be… Talking Ginger??? After he takes an intelligence test that surprises everyone and proves he’s an absolute genius, Ginger has to adjust to his new, brainy life.
Everybody Hates Tom
Episode overview
Talking Tom and Talking Ben’s new invention is a massive hit, and it looks like things are finally coming together for their company! As long as nothing goes awfully, horrifically, terribly wrong...
Talking Roy and Friends
Episode overview
Hi, everyone! Roy Rakoon here! Check out the first episode of my new show, “Talking Roy and Friends”! It’s a whole lot better than that junky old show about what’s-his-name, don’t you think? HA!