Strange Luck

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Soul Survivor
Episode overview
As a child, Chance Harper miraculously walked away from a plane crash that killed his entire family (and everyone else aboard). Now an adult, he's a cavalier freelance photographer who .. show full overview
Over Exposure
Episode overview
When Chance recovers the camera that was stolen along with his car, he finds a series of photos he didn't shoot, and his auto-theft case develops into one involving a kidnapping.
Last Chance
Episode overview
An auto mechanic confesses to Chance that he murdered someone years before and another man is scheduled to be executed for the crime.
She Was
Episode overview
Chance helps a Hollywood movie star who's in town to film his latest blockbuster-and is apparently being stalked by a woman who claims to be his wife.
Blind Man's Bluff
Episode overview
Due to a mix-up, Chance Harper is given the task of committing a murder. Chance desperately tries to track down the right-wing extremists behind the mission.
Angie's Turn
Episode overview
Some of Chance's luck rubs off on Angie, and she'll need it-after witnessing a shooting by a street gang of teenage girls, as the renegades target her for execution.
Hat Trick
Episode overview
An up-and-coming hockey player about to sign with a professional team crosses paths with Chance, who helps the young star realize that sinister forces are using him.
The Liver Wild
Episode overview
While away on a restful camping trip, Chance and Angie watch in horror and can't resist getting involved after a man falls from the sky and dies in front of them.
Walk Away
Episode overview
Chance spends a day trying desperately not to get involved, but when he learns that the mysterious woman he keeps running into is a flight attendant, he fears for the lives of a plane-load of passengers.
The Box
Episode overview
Chance is entrusted with a mysterious black box that seems to have strange effects on those that come into contact with it. And when he finds that it triggers hes childhood memories, Chance thinks it could lead him to his brother.
Brothers Grim
Episode overview
Chance comes face to face with his missing brother, Eric, but there's little time for solving the mysteries of the family's past-and barely time for mourning the wife Eric is about to bury.
Trial Period
Episode overview
Chance develops a not-so-friendly rivalry with thrill-seeking photographer Steve Medavoy, especially after Chance befriends a young boy whose family tragedy becomes Medavoy's photo opportunity.
Healing Hands
Episode overview
Chance is caught between a rock and a hard place when he takes under his wing a young faith healer who seems to be on the run.
Wrong Number
Episode overview
Chance can't turn his back on an ex-girlfriend who needs help leaving her abusive husband, but he may be in too deep when the husband turns up dead-just like the woman's first spouse did.
In Sickness and in Wealth
Episode overview
Wedding bells are breaking up that old gang of Chance's, but he and Westin decide the engagement needs to be broken up when they start learning things about thier colleague's seemingly impetuous fiancee.
Blinded by the Son
Episode overview
What kind of person finds $10,000,000 in their bank account...and gives it away. Chance meets Angie's long lost son, a member in a rock and roll band and first seen in jail.
Lightning Strikes
Episode overview
When Chance is struck by lightning, it sets off a chain reaction that reunites him with his brother and his father, who was presumed dead. He later discovers that the plane crash that .. show full overview