Star Trek: The Animated Series

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The Pirates of Orion
Episode overview
When Spock is stricken down by a disease fatal to Vulcans, the Enterprise is to meet a freighter with a load of drugs that provides the only cure, but Orion pirates attack the ship and .. show full overview
The U.S.S. Enterprise hosts Commander Ari bn Bem, an arrogant member of a neutral race from the newly-contacted planet Pandro. However, Bem endangers all of their lives when he conducts .. show full overview
The Practical Joker
Episode overview
After avoiding a Romulan ambush by three of their warships, the U.S.S. Enterprise enters a strange energy cloud. The gaseous cloud affects the ship's computer turning it insane. With the .. show full overview
Episode overview
Dr. McCoy is arrested and held responsible for causing a plague that ravaged the planet Dramia Two, where he performed a mass-innoculation 19 years earlier.
How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
Episode overview
Backtracking a mysterious alien probe, the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a ship in the shape of a giant feathered serpent, which turns out to be Kukulkan, a god of ancient Mayan-Aztec .. show full overview
The Counter-Clock Incident
Episode overview
With Commodore Robert April (the first commander of the Enterprise) on board, Kirk pursues a ship plunging into a supernova, and enters a universe where time runs backwards.