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Alex Brooker's Comedy Short: Hands Of God
Episode overview
Alex Brooker plays a man who's due to have a pioneering double hand transplant operation to give him five-fingered 'normal' hands. Building Dutch courage in the pub he meets a barmaid .. show full overview
Kris Marshall's Comedy Short: Whodunnit?
Episode overview
Kris Marshall stars as Max Bartlett, the pampered lead actor in popular TV detective drama, Middle England Murders. When Max is given the wrong pudding at lunchtime, he knows someone .. show full overview
Susan Wokoma's Comedy Short: Love The Sinner
Episode overview
11-year-old Joanna tries to understand grief for the first time when she witnesses her mother's manic reaction to the death of Princess Diana, whilst trying to use the incident to get out of Sunday School.
Sindhu Vee's Comedy Short: Live And Let Love
Episode overview
When Preeti and her husband Ronnie arrive in England from India, their lives take a dramatic turn. While Ronnie embraces his new celibate Hindu lifestyle, Preeti seeks out a sordid affair.
Lost Voice Guy's Comedy Short: I Just Called To Say...
Episode overview
Mark hates getting the train to work, but not for the same reasons most people do. Mark has cerebral palsy, and can't talk, so he uses an iPad to chat with his fellow commuters, this .. show full overview
Samson Kayo's Comedy Short: New Bloods
Episode overview
Samson Kayo stars as Maleek, a maverick London paramedic and tough-acting loner with a god complex and an unpopular vlog. When his regular partner departs, he's forced to work with .. show full overview
Jonny Pelham's Comedy Short: Late Bloomer
Episode overview
Late Bloomer is the story of Jonny, a man born with more nipples than is necessary, webbed toes, a cleft palate, a cleft lip and hole in the roof of his mouth. At 28 he's still a virgin, .. show full overview