Sick of It

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The Biscuit
Episode overview
Crotchety cabbie Karl continues to muddle his way through life, but he still can't silence that voice in his head.
The En-Suite
Episode overview
Fed up with playing second fiddle to Ruby, Karl decides to move into personal chauffeuring.
Useless Lump
Episode overview
Karl runs into an old mate and a school crush when an existential crisis has him heading back to his hometown to right a wrong.
Love & Laughter
Episode overview
A comedy club gig provides an unexpected revelation as Karl hunts high and low for a daytime laugh that will stop him chuckling in his sleep.
Use by Date
Episode overview
Karl gets a wake-up call, just as Ruby and her boyfriend hit a rough patch. It's his big chance to make move, but will his inner voice let him?
The End
Episode overview
Karl travels to New York with Ruby.