Serious and Organised

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  • Crime Drama



Street Robbery
Episode overview
Jack and Tony resort to non-nonsense, unconventional methods after a security van heist, and Jack discovers Tony is being unfaithful.
Selling Sweets
Episode overview
Jack and Tony do a deal with hit man Steve Fallon in order to nail a man responsible for a series of gruesome murders. But then Tony's wife Rachel's life is put in danger.
Rat Poison
Episode overview
Jack and Tony stumble upon network trading human organs, and Jack unwittingly reveals his true feelings for Rachel.
Like A National Grid
Episode overview
Jack and Tony are involved in a raid on an antiques warehouse which is being used for money laundering. Drugs and vice baron John Creeves isn't happy that his nice little earner has been .. show full overview
Outsmarting the Police
Episode overview
Jack is determined to nail seedy John Sands after four teenage prostitutes from Albania are killed in a massage parlour blaze, but he needs the help of a former prostitute.
Officer Down
Episode overview
There's a drugs raid at dawn on the Abbott gang, but one member escapes after injuring DC Joanne Granger, then Tony is kidnapped and Jack has to risk his career to save his life.