Secret Army

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The Last Run
Episode overview
At Gestapo headquarters, Kessler takes an instant dislike to the newly arrived Luftwaffe Major Hans Dietrich Reinhardt, who has joined him in a final concerted attempt to crush the .. show full overview
Episode overview
Lifeline’s original function is now over – the Allied advance has severed the evasion lines and it is now a matter of keeping evaders safely hidden until the war is over. Despite .. show full overview
Episode overview
An assassination attempt has been made on Hitler, and Kessler believes that Reinhardt is involved in the conspiracy. He begins to gather information that he hopes will provide his .. show full overview
A Safe Place
Episode overview
Albert is imprisoned on trumped-up charges as part of a Communist revenge plot, and Monique is left to take charge of both Lifeline and the Candide. Alain discovers the existence of a .. show full overview
Ring of Rosies
Episode overview
Still languishing in prison, Albert learns that he was set up by the Communist leader Paul Vercors. Meanwhile, Dr. Keldermans makes a shocking discovery when examining an evader at a .. show full overview
Episode overview
Major Nick Bradley returns to Brussels to co-ordinate resistance activities whilst waiting for the Allies’ final push, and clashes with Monique over leadership of Lifeline. A tense time .. show full overview
Episode overview
Bradley travels to the Ardennes to continue recruiting his own private army of former airmen to engage in sabotage activities – the target is V2 testing sites. Bradley’s first objective, .. show full overview
Just Light the Blue Touch-Paper
Episode overview
As Bradley’s army remains in hiding along the Dutch border, he and Natalie become closer as they work together planning the raid on the V2 site. To increase his chances of success, .. show full overview
Sound of Thunder
Episode overview
The Allied advance continues as they at last enter Belgium, and the Germans begin to plan a strategic withdrawal from Brussels. Albert is petitioning for his release from prison, while .. show full overview
Episode overview
Albert is finally released from prison and reunited with Monique. The Lifeline personnel continue to be in danger of reprisals from their own people and the Communists for alleged .. show full overview
Days of Judgement
Episode overview
Vercors has taken Albert, Monique and Reinhardt prisoner, and plans to hang Albert as a collaborator and a murderer. Only the Allies, helped by Natalie, can save him but they have only .. show full overview
Episode overview
The Allied liberation of Brussels paradoxically brings terror for the former Lifeline workers. About to face savage punishment after being falsely accused of collaboration, Monique is .. show full overview
The Execution
Episode overview
Kessler, still posing under an alias, and Reinhardt find themselves interned in the same prison camp for German officers. Kessler learns that Reinhardt surrendered himself to Albert at .. show full overview
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
Episode overview
1969. Albert, Monique, Natalie and Alain are invited to take part in a British TV documentary “In Our Time” commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Allied liberation of Brussels. Also .. show full overview