Screen Two

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Episode overview
It's summer 1969 in New York City. Young, gay and full of dreams, Matty Dean arrives on a Greyhound bus and heads downtown. It's the time of the Vietnam War and the Apollo moon walk, but gay people are still being persecuted.
Episode overview
Four young police officers are sent undercoverto infiltrate a gang of hooligans linked to a London football club, but only total commitment will gain the officers the acceptance they need to do their job.
Stone, Scissors, Paper
Episode overview
Seeking refuge from a violent husband, Jean secretly moves into the riverside cottage that belonged to her mother to clear out her possessions. Here, she meets a married stonemason - .. show full overview
Butterfly Kiss
Episode overview
Eunice travels the motorways in a fruitless search for Judith, the only person who has ever understood and loved her. She meets Miriam, who is fascinated by the violent and unpredictable .. show full overview
Brothers in Trouble
Episode overview
Amir, an illegal immigrant, makes his way into Britain buried beneath piles of vegetables, finding refuge in a bleak terraced house with 17 other men in the same situation. Things .. show full overview
Episode overview
When a single mother's drinking binge threatens to spoil yet another Christmas, her five children lock her in the sauna to dry out.
Small Faces
Episode overview
In the Glasgow of 1968, young teenager Lex Maclean is torn between the artistic life of his middle brother Alan, and the thuggish world of his older sibling, Bobby.