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Episode 1
Episode overview
A terrifying discovery in the cane fields of KZN sets a brilliant but flawed criminal profiler Reyka on the trail of a mysterious killer.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Reyka and the police investigate the six decomposed bodies found in the cane fields. Speelman makes a major request to Reyka in exchange for secret information.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Trapped in a burning hut, Reyka's life hangs in the balance but this propels her deeper into the case and potential suspects rear their heads.
Episode 4
Episode overview
A mysterious soil sample reveals a conspiracy within the police team, and the case starts to unravel when Nandi goes rogue on an undercover operation.
Episode 5
Episode overview
The Police react to force to Nandi's brutal attack, and suspects are rounded up and interrogated, enraging the community.
Episode 6
Episode overview
The police target Soda as a prime suspect, and he flees for his life, but is he an innocent scapegoat or a ruthless serial killer?
Episode 7
Episode overview
Soda's shooting implicates Samuel and he is arrested for the murders, but in trying to prove his innocence, Reyka comes face to face with the actual killer.
Episode 8
Episode overview
Reyka is captured by the killer and must draw on her experiences as a childhood abductee to save her own life.