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Episode overview
An armed intruder breaks into the McAllister home and accosts 15-year-old Lily, demanding to know the whereabouts of a woman pictured in a locket. She locks herself in the bathroom to .. show full overview
The Rat
Episode overview
Lily looks through the yearbook that Henry gave her and recognizes the girl in the locket as Meredith Weller, one of Catherine's classmates. The locket and yearbook disappear from .. show full overview
Henry's Secret
Episode overview
Lily sees Henry taking more photographs as part of his search. She grows bewildered when Henry refuses to tell her anything about himself. She and Jennie break into his bedroom to .. show full overview
Hostile Environment
Episode overview
Henry shows Catherine an old home movie of his mother. He explains that she had been sending checks to Tom and Henry for years, but has not attempted any personal contact. Catherine .. show full overview
Puppy Love
Episode overview
Catherine has a dream in which she is seduced by Henry, but ends up in bed with Robert. She also dreams that a dead girl, covered with blood, barges into the room. The next morning, .. show full overview
The Body
Episode overview
Catherine grows jealous of Lily's relationship with Henry. He tells Catherine that he will keep the fact that she came on to him a secret for Lily's sake; but rebuffs her claim that .. show full overview
The Bones
Episode overview
George and Lillian return home to find Nate digging in the backyard. He annoys them by repeatedly bringing up the murder and nagging them to tell him the truth. Jennie tells Lily and .. show full overview
Run Lily Run
Episode overview
Henry and Lily leave the bones behind as Lily calls the police. Robert steals the bones in the meantime and destroys them. Catherine insists that Nate has given drugs to Lily and .. show full overview
Someone to Talk To
Episode overview
Lily sends Henry an E-mail reminding him of his promise not to abandon her. Catherine still wants to send Lily to Maplewood (the institution), but Will insists that it would be better .. show full overview
A River in Egypt
Episode overview
Glenn tells Catherine that he is married, and that his wife is coming to L.A. later in the day. She convinces him that they should have sex again before his wife gets there. Will .. show full overview
The Truth Hurts
Episode overview
Henry tells Lily that Robert beat him up and threatened to kill him unless he left Pasadena. Robert bragged that he had already gotten away with murder once, and could do it again. .. show full overview
A Lie Worth Fighting For
Episode overview
Robert attacks Henry and puts him in a headlock, but Henry bites Robert's arm and is able to fight him off and escape. He sneaks over to the McAllister house and tells Lily what .. show full overview
Don't It Always Seem to Go?
Episode overview
Richard and Nate try to comfort the disconsolate Beth, and eventually resort to giving her drugs to calm her nerves. Lily meets Robert for lunch--claiming that she knows Henry's .. show full overview