Our Planet (2019)

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Chapter 1: World on the Move
Episode overview
Be it buffalo, polar bears, humpback whales or albatross chicks, migration is a vital survival strategy for animals to feed, reproduce and find homes.
Chapter 2: Following the Sun
Episode overview
As summer spreads across our solar-powered planet, honey bees toil, snow geese breed, tadpoles awaken and lions stalk wildebeest in search of lush grass.
Chapter 3: The Next Generation
Episode overview
Left to fend for themselves until they find their footing, baby sea turtles, elephant seal pups, pumas and crabs bravely trek towards adolescence.
Chapter 4: Freedom to Roam
Episode overview
As snow geese, antelope, army ants and gray whales dodge predators and pollution, get a closer look at how the modern world impacts animal migration.