Our Mutual Friend

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  • Drama Mini-series



Part 1
Episode overview
A body pulled from the Thames is identified as young John Harmon, heir to a fortune made in dust-contracting (a lucrative 19th century recycling business). Bella Wilfer, his wife-to-be .. show full overview
Part 2
Episode overview
Lizzie Hexam, daughter of the corpse robber who found young Harmon's alleged body, is being courted by two desperate characters: Eugene Wrayburn, a dissolute barrister, and Bradley .. show full overview
Part 3
Episode overview
Two low-life characters sifting through the dust mountain have found an alternate will from old Harmon, which they plan to use to blackmail Mr. Boffin.
Part 4
Episode overview
Rokesmith and Bella have secretly married, without Bella realizing her husband is actually John Harmon, her original fiancé, about to claim his dust fortune from the Boffins, who for .. show full overview