Oh Jerome, No

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Toughen Up
Episode overview
Jerome attends a seminar to get rid of his emotions and become tough so he can stop saying “I love you” on first dates.
Total Phony
Episode overview
Jerome has difficulty determining how honest he should be in his dating profile. Presented by Cake on FX.
No Problem
Episode overview
After getting suckered by a sidewalk canvasser into spending several hours in a cookie-tasting focus group, Jerome realizes he needs to learn to say no. Presented by Cake on FX.
Help Needed
Episode overview
Jerome thinks he has a genuine connection with Barbara, a server at his favorite restaurant, but isn't sure whether she's just being nice to him because that's her job. Presented by Cake on FX.
Oh Jero
Episode overview
A flashback to Jerome's recent breakup with Natalie provides some insight into why he's been having such a hard time lately. Presented by Cake on FX.
Good Fella
Episode overview
Jerome contemplates his life choices. Starting with best befriending his bully. Presented by Cake on FX.
New Paige (pt 1)
Episode overview
When Jerome attempts to reinvent himself on New Year’s Eve, he has a chance meeting that could change his future. Presented by Cake on FX.
New Paige (pt 2)
Episode overview
A year later, Jerome and Paige hit a fork in the road; If he can't get over his old hang ups he may lose her. Presented by Cake on FX.