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Happy Geraldine Day
Episode overview
When Proudman matriarch Geraldine calls the family together for a very special "Geraldine Day", her announcement at dinner will leave everyone speechless.
The End of an Era
Episode overview
Nina is overwhelmed with the demands of her job as acting head of obstetrics, as she supports Billie to make a difficult decision about her marriage with Mick.
Episode 3
Episode overview
After separating from Mick, Billie decides to tackle her grief head-on with a girls' night out where Kerry advocates a fool proof plan to mend Billie's heart.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Nina is wrong-footed when she discovers Harry's ex-girlfriend of ten years, Georgie has unexpectedly returned to Melbourne. Meanwhile, Billie begins construction of her "sex wall".
Episode 5
Episode overview
Nina and Harry's relationship is tested when Nina meets Harry's difficult family for the first time. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Kerry face a difficult decision when Billie makes a discovery.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Nina and Harry make an important decision about their future. Jimmy summons the courage to tell Zara the truth. Billie's sex wall hits a snag, when her latest "brick", Dan, tries to out-woo her.
Episode 7
Episode overview
Nina battles her doubts as she prepares to interview for the Head of Obstetrics role. Billie's confused after being stood up by Dan. Will Will discover the truth about Kerry and Jimmy's indiscretion?
Episode 8
Episode overview
Harry and Nina face a co-parenting road bump when Harry tries to discipline Zoe. An unexpected meeting with a significant boyfriend from Billie's past clarifies her feelings for Dan.
Episode 9
Episode overview
Nina and Harry endeavour to bring their families together for the first time. With Harry travelling to Sydney for his new job, it is left to Nina to invite both families. What could possibly go wrong?
Episode 10
Episode overview
Nina faces a big decision, is she really ready to leave St Francis? Having discovered Geraldine is dating Phil D'Arabont, the Proudman siblings call a crisis summit.