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Secrets in Our DNA
Episode overview
The value of DNA testing and the risks of entrusting this private data to commercial enterprises and online databases.
Beyond the Elements: Reactions
Episode overview
Host David Pogue dives into the transformative world of chemical reactions, from the complex formula that produces cement to the single reaction that’s allowed farmers to feed a global .. show full overview
Beyond the Elements: Indestructible
Episode overview
David Pogue explores the fantastic chemistry behind the everyday materials we depend on, and how the quest for durability can be balanced with products’ environmental impact.
Beyond the Elements: Life
Episode overview
David Pogue investigates the surprising molecules that allowed life on Earth to begin, and ultimately thrive. Along the way, he finds out what we’re all made of—literally.
Looking for Life on Mars
Episode overview
NASA launches its most ambitious hunt for traces of life on Mars, landing a car-sized rover in a rocky, ancient river delta. The rover will stow samples for possible return to Earth and .. show full overview
Picture a Scientist
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.