Nirvanna the Band the Show

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The Book
Episode overview
In the Season 2 premiere, on Halloween night, Jay finds a cursed music book hidden in the house on Halloween night, and the guys work together to have order restored.
The Buddy
Episode overview
Jay attends a music-industry party, leaving Matt home alone. While there, Jay makes a new friend, and they cook up a plan to book a show at the Rivoli.
The Boost
Episode overview
Matt enters Jay into a video-game-speedrun tournament, planning to win their way to a show at the Rivoli. As the competition tightens, Matt secretly gives Jay an illegal edge.
The B-Day
Episode overview
Matt and Jay get separated at a 4/20 rally and each a have a personal journey.
The Banned
Episode overview
In an effort to get onto the Rivoli's Band List, Matt and Jay pose as hackers and try to attack the Rivoli's mainframe. But Matt has ulterior motives.
The Burger
Episode overview
Matt and Jay decide that this time, they're seeing their plan through. This time, they're not giving up. This time, they'll book a show at the Rivoli.
The Banned List 2
Episode overview
Matt and Jay's plan to get on the Rivoli's Band List takes a turn when they get stuck on the roof of the Rivoli. Trapped in extreme heat, tensions boil and secrets are revealed.
The Band List
Episode overview
Matt and Jay continue to try to get onto the Rivoli's band list and infiltrate Toronto's system of underground tunnels hoping to enter the venue from below.