Neil Gaiman's Likely Stories

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Foreign Parts
Episode overview
In Foreign Parts, there’s a sense that time is running out. Our narrator, Simon, is like a man sinking in quicksand. He’s a man of routine. Rising, dressing, travelling to work on the .. show full overview
Feeders and Eaters
Episode overview
We’re caught in the nocturnal world of the all-night cafe. Joyce, a very pregnant young waitress, is our way in. A man from her past, Eddie Barrow, appears as if from nowhere with a .. show full overview
Closing Time
Episode overview
Our narrator in Closing Time is a raconteur, a writer and late-night barfly engaging in the tradition of weaving club stories for his fellow drinkers. Feeling the warmth of company and .. show full overview
Looking for the Girl
Episode overview
Dean Smith is an ageing photographer. He’s almost 70, but there’s still a glint in his eye. TV’s ‘face of culture’, Miranda Walker, is interviewing him for television and asks about his .. show full overview