Mysterious Girlfriend X

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Mysterious Girlfriend
Episode overview
The new transfer student, Urabe Mikoto is strange, quiet, and unapproachable. But after Tsubaki Akira gets a taste of her, he can’t stop dreaming of her.
A Mysterious Bond
Episode overview
Tsubaki and Mikoto have been “going out” for a month. Tsubaki is confused about his role of boyfriend and looks to his friends for help. Can their relationship continue beyond drool?
The Mysterious Test Tube
Episode overview
Ueno and Oka were caught kissing by Tsubaki, Ueno begs to him to keep quiet. Now all of Tsubaki’s thoughts are about kissing Urabe. Can he get that out his system, before he loses her to Ogata, who just asked her out?
Mysterious Girl Meets Girl
Episode overview
Out of the blue, Oka has taken an interest in Urabe. When she asks Urabe to be her friend, Urabe tells her she doesn’t need friends. But that feeling might change once the two girls share a drink.
A Mysterious First Date
Episode overview
Tsuabki has finally worked up the courage to ask Urabe out on a date. But when he tries to bring it up, she speeds off. Will his dream of seeing her in a bikini come true or will it just stay a dream.
Mysterious Step Up
Episode overview
After having a conversation with Oka about first names, Tsubaki wants to call Urabe by hers. While waiting for Urabe, the girl from the picture he once carried in his wallet stops him to talk, and surprises him with a question.
Mysterious Flu
Episode overview
After showing impressive display on the track, Mikoto is asked to participate in a relay race for the sports festival, although she rejects the idea of joining the track team as it means .. show full overview
Mysterious Sensation
Episode overview
Akira has a dream where he got to squeeze Mikoto's breast and can't get the sensation out of his head. Taking a stroll, he decides to go in the direction Mikoto usually takes after .. show full overview
Mysterious 'This is just, I dunno...'
Episode overview
Noticing Mikoto with a serious case of bedhead, Ayuko fixes her up with a new hairstyle. Mikoto soon gets a lot of attention for her new hairstyle, which makes Akira a bit jealous. As .. show full overview
Mysterious Adventure
Episode overview
Akira runs into Aika who, having just been dumped by her boyfriend, reveals how she knew of Akira's feelings for her when he lies about not having a girlfriend. Aika gives Akira the .. show full overview
Mysterious Cultural Festival
Episode overview
As Ayuko goes to the festival with Kouhei, she spots Akira with Aika and decides to follow them. As Akira tries to hold off the advances of Aika, Mikoto appears in a box robot, .. show full overview
Mysterious 'Squeeze'
Episode overview
As Akira is a little bashful around Mikoto, having seen her naked and all, she requests to try his drool, her experience how flustered he is. The next day, when Mikoto uses her scissors .. show full overview
Mysterious Girlfriend and Boyfriend
Episode overview
After enjoying a nice chat with Tsubaki’s sister, Yoko, Urabe learns more about her mysterious boyfriend family.