My Two Dads

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That's No Lady, That's My Mother
Episode overview
Michael is out dating again; but this time, he finds himself dating Nicole's boyfriend's mother! Hilarity at it's best!
Say Goodnight, Gracie
Episode overview
Joey decides to be considerate and watch his girlfriends baby Gracie. It decides to be more then the two men can handle, as the baby ends up staying all night; distrupting Michael's work, and waking up dear Judge Wilbur in the process.
Love and Learn
Episode overview
Nicole is dating a slightly older guy. When the guys hear about this, they forbid her to see him. She sneaks out to see him. They follow her and discover her getting her heart broken.
You Can Count on Me
Episode overview
Shelby is dating a guy whom Nicole says is a creep. But Shelby ignores her. So to prove it to her, Nicole goes on a double date with them and the guy's friend. And sure enough his true self comes out but Shelby finds it hard to accept.
Joey Gets Pinned
Episode overview
Joey holds a bachelor party for a friend at his place. He ends up meeting a lady friend; a wrestler, and then ends up... marrying her? How will he get out of this one? You have to see it to believe it.
Story in Development
Episode overview
Nicole becomes depressed as she wants to wishes to an adult. Her dads try to cheer her up and make her see the advantages of being a teenager.
Episode overview
It's the homecoming dance at Nicole's school. And the teacher in charge goes to see Joey and Michael to see if they have any suggestions. They're both taken with her and they come up .. show full overview
Dad Patrol
Episode overview
After being burgalarized Joey and Michael create their own watch program so Nicole will safe. But it's Michael who's feeling apprehensive and leads to being trapped on the roof.
Pop, the Question
Episode overview
Michael and Joey's parenting styles continue to clash so they decide submit to a DNA test. They agree that whoever is not the biological father will step aside. While waiting for the results they learn something more important.
Thanks for the Memories
Episode overview
Joey and Michael are trapped in an elevator leading them to recall interesting moments of the last several years. Nicole, Margaret, and Shelby have trouble holding off eating dinner until the guys are freed.
Episode overview
Joey learns about an opening for an art teacher but he lacks the college degree required. He returns to school but discovers his instructor is Mr. Kelcher who he clashed with in the past.
I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Episode
Episode overview
It's the holidays, and Joey is dreaming of what holidays and life would be like if they were older; a lot older.
Power Struggle
Episode overview
Frustrated by how much time Nicole is spending with Zach -- and by the fact they seem to be invisible when the two are together -- Michael and Joey declare that she must date someone else for awhile.
Bye Bye Baby
Episode overview
Joey is stunned when he learns that his girlfriend Sarah, and her baby Gracie are both moving away to San Francisco.
Environ-mental Case
Episode overview
Joey gets thrown in jail for environmental protests, when Michael, .. and Judge Wilbur have to bail him out.
Party, Sweet 16--See Appendix
Episode overview
Nicole's sweet sixteen party gets cancelled due to... appendicitis?
It's My Art, and I'll Die If I Want To
Episode overview
Joey finally gets himself in the paper.. in the obituary section? Joey Marris's obituary, printed as Joey Harris, finally appears in the paper as dead; leaving art galleries calling to .. show full overview
To Thine Own Elf Be True
Episode overview
Joey's old high school flame comes back to New York, and gets attracted to Michael.
You Only Surprise the Ones You Love
Episode overview
When Judge Wilbur's going to be honored, Joey, Michael, and Nicole think that it would nice for some her friends and family were there. Only problem is that they don't know any of her .. show full overview
Kind of a Drag
Episode overview
Nicole learns she's not considered part of the in crowd and considers extreme measures to change her status. Joey's girlfriend won't accept their breakup so he makes up a new romance.
When You Wish ...
Episode overview
Nicole enters a Rock TV music channel contest in which Nicole wins and gets to go on a musical dream date of her choice... and her dads get to live out their own fantasies in the .. show full overview
See You in September?
Episode overview
In the series grand finale, Joey's girlfriend Sarah wants to get married.. with another guy. Joey stops the wedding and gets back together with Sarah, and is faced with a tough choice. Move to San Francisco, or stay with Nicole in New York.