My Strange Hero

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Episode 1
In 2009, Bok Su, who is very popular among his school friends but bad at studying, and Soo Jeong, who is known to be the prettiest and smartest girl in Seolsong High School, get to team .. show full overview
Episode 2
In 2018, Soo Jeong gets conned by her colleague and ends up paying a great deal of money to become a full-time teacher at Seolsong High School. At the same time, her student named Young .. show full overview
Episode 3
Bok Su dives into the river and saves the woman who seems to have tried to kill herself. Then, he gets shocked by the fact that the woman was Soo Jeong whom he liked in high school. In .. show full overview
Episode 4
Mr. Park who was Bok Su's homeroom teacher in high school comes to visit Bok Su and suggests that he should go back to school and finish the study. Mr. Park's suggestion makes Bok Su .. show full overview
Episode 5
Bok Su puts his old school uniform back on and marches into his old school he dropped out almost a decade ago. But the start doesn't seem easy. Old time friends with complicated history .. show full overview
Episode 6
After spending his first day back to school in utter shock, Bok Su tosses and turns throughout the night thinking of Soo Jeong and about what happened between them in the past. Soo Jeong .. show full overview
Episode 7
Bok Su luckily made it back to school but realizes that he needs to come up with a revenge plan. A plan to get back at Se Ho and Soo Jeong. He tries stalking Se Ho and sneaks into his .. show full overview
Episode 8
Young Min, the student with the worst grades in Ivy class is suggested to leave his glass booth and degrade into SKY class. Trembling with anxiety in feeling like he's being kicked out .. show full overview
Episode 9
Soo Jeong says she will take full responsibility for Bok Su. Bok Su feels uncomfortable about it but at the same time, he is worried about Soo Jeong. Meanwhile, Young Min transfers his class to Wildflower Class.
Episode 10
Soo Jeong looks for Seung Woo as he keeps skipping school. Soo Jeong finally finds where Seung Woo is, but gets into a fight. Bok Su gets a wound while protecting Soo Jeong. Meanwhile, Bok Su gets angry after seeing Soo Jeong and Se Ho together.
Episode 11
Se Ho decides to offer financial support to the students in Soo Jeong's class despite the head master's disagreement. In the meantime, Soo Jeong receives a message from Kim Hyung Ho. He .. show full overview
Episode 12
Bok Su tries to talk about what really happened in the past and to get rid of misunderstandings with Soo Jeong, but she doesn't even try to listen to him. From the next day, Bok Su .. show full overview
Episode 13
By talking about what exactly happened to each other nine years ago, Bok Su and Soo Jeong clear up the misunderstanding between them. Bok Su comes back to school and brings beverages and .. show full overview
Episode 14
Mr. Park sends Bok Su to Chungju so that he can accidentally meet and spend a day with Soo Jeong. Bok Su and Soo Jeong tour the city for the site survey, and they ride a bicycle .. show full overview
Episode 15
In Ho has been lying to his mother that he was in the Ivy Class, the smartest class in Sulsong High School. One day, Ms. Kang visits Sulsong High School feeling like she should support .. show full overview
Episode 16
Rekindling with Bok Su, Soo Jeong and Bok Su makes a huge decision to get together again as a couple. Noticing her and Bok Su’s relationship, Se Ho calls Soo Jeong aside to share his .. show full overview
Episode 17
Bok Su and Soo Jeong promise to each other that they should overcome difficulties ahead of them. Bok Su officially introduces Soo Jeong as his girlfriend to Min Ji and Gyeong Hyeon. .. show full overview
Episode 18
Before the debating contest is held, Bok Su finds out about the connection between the school and a private educational institute and that the institute sells the topic to the students .. show full overview
Episode 19
Seung Woo accidentally finds out that Bok Su and Soo Jeong are dating, and Bok Su begs Seung Woo for keeping it secret. Meanwhile, Chae Min and Young Min are in a fight at school, but .. show full overview
Episode 20
Min Ji finds out the awards have been manipulated and Dong Jun submits an indictment to the Education Office about the corruption happening in school. However, Se Gyeong steps in and .. show full overview
Episode 21
For submitting an indictment to the Education Office about the corruption happening in school, Dong Jun gets suspended. In the meantime, Bok Su tells Se Ho that the students in .. show full overview
Episode 22
Dong Jun starts to protest alone in front of the school gate for the fact that the school has been discriminating students and committed corruption. Meanwhile, Bok Su and Gyeong Hyeon .. show full overview
Episode 23
Bok Su collects evidence of the school's wrongdoings and starts investigating the corruption. Bok Su even collects evidence by using a false identity and stealing the file from a .. show full overview
Episode 24
Soo Jeong tells Se Ho not to remove her name from the list of employment solicitation, and tells Bok Su that she will stand as a witness. Se Ho threatens Soo Jeong once again with .. show full overview
Episode 25
Bok Su and his friends get the evidence that the test questions have been leaked for Chae Min. And Soo Jeong decides to reveal that she handed money to get a permanent position. Also, .. show full overview
Episode 26
As Bok Su and his friends planned, Bok Su reveals all the irregularities that the school has committed through an online broadcast. Soo Jeong makes a confession as well. After the .. show full overview
Episode 27
Se Gyeong gets photos of Bok Su and Soo Jeong being together. Using this, Se Gyeong threatens Soo Jeong to not testify. Soo Jeong hands in her resignation letter to still testify against the school.
Episode 28
Bok Su and Soo Jeong go on a trip to the ocean together to make up for their unfulfilled wishes. While on the trip, Soo Jeong asks Bok Su to get back together and love each other once .. show full overview
Episode 29
After realizing what he has done is wrong, Se Ho decides to help Bok Su reveal the truth behind Sulsong High School's corruption. Bok Su doesn't trust Se Ho and thinks this is another .. show full overview
Episode 30
After a successful hearing, Bok Su and his friends celebrate their victory. Soo Jeong has quit her job to atone for her wrongdoings. Se Gyeong, on the other hand, shows no sign of remorse or regret and is closing the school down.
Episode 31
With the help of Bok Su, Se Ho testifies against his mother. The scene of Chairwoman Lim's arrest is aired live, and the people enraged by the situation sign the national petition.After .. show full overview
Episode 32
The graduation ceremony begins. Bok Su delivers a speech in front of other students. In 2023, Bok Su comes back to Sulsong High School again and Soo Jeong still tries her best to become .. show full overview