Married... with Children

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Episode overview
The neighbors take refuge from a twister.
Children of the Corns
Episode overview
Al and Griff blackmail Gary, because of a bad promotion contest, when they find the shoes from the shoe store are made by children in sweatshops. Meanwhile, Peggy wins a microwave and Kelly and her try to hide it from Al.
Kelly's Gotta Habit
Episode overview
Kelly must sign a morals clause when she gets a commercial part playing a nun. Meanwhile, Al gets to be on Cops as Officer Dan's partner.
Requiem for a Chevyweight (1)
Episode overview
Al's Dodge starts sputtering so he sends the rest of the family to find a fuel pump for it while he recalls the good old days in his Dodge.
Requiem for a Chevyweight (2)
Episode overview
Al buries the Dodge and leases a new sports car. Meanwhile, Peggy digs up the Dodge so she can sell the engine.
A Bundy Thanksgiving
Episode overview
Al goes to look for his aunt's pie, but finds she is dead.
The Juggs Have Left the Building
Episode overview
Peggy and Kelly both enter a singing contest when they are on vacation in Missouri.
God Help Ye Merry Bundymen
Episode overview
Al and Griff are fired during the holidays and have to take small jobs in the mall. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud swipe biblical figures from the D'Arcys' nativity scene and Peggy enters the neighborhood Christmas decoration contest.
Crimes Against Obesity
Episode overview
Al is sued by all of the overweight women he has insulted in the past, and they hold a trial in the shoe store. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud tint the windows on Al's car for his birthday gift.
The Stepford Peg
Episode overview
When Peggy gets amnesia, Al turns her into the perfect wife, which makes everyone happy, except Marcy.
Bud on the Side
Episode overview
After Al tells Bud to lower his standards in women, Bud starts dating Al's boss Gary.
Grime and Punishment
Episode overview
Bud asks Al to repair the basement after Al starts charging him rent. When Al refuses, Bud calls a health inspector who makes Al live in the basement after it is deemed uninhabitable.
Episode overview
Seeking regular meals, Al and Griff join the army, but end up having to help with a garbage strike.
Breaking up is Easy to Do (1)
Episode overview
Al and Peggy split up after seeing a marriage counselor. Kelly must learn to box to get a part in a movie.
Breaking up is Easy to Do (2)
Episode overview
Al moves into a room in the airport. Meanwhile, Peggy finds a new boyfriend.
Breaking up is Easy to Do (3)
Episode overview
Kelly and Bud finds that Peggy's new boyfriend will force them to work if he marries Peggy.
Live Nude Peg
Episode overview
A disguised Peggy starts dancing at the nudie bar, and Al loves her character, not knowing that it is Peggy.
A Babe in Toyland
Episode overview
Kelly guest appears on a kiddie show, but ends up taking over the entire show. Al and Peggy get twin beds.
Birthday Boy Toy
Episode overview
Marcy gets Jefferson a membership to the health club and he becomes a spectacle there. Meanwhile, Bud directs when Al and Kelly star in a commercial for the shoe store.
Damn Bundys
Episode overview
Al makes a pact with the devil and gets to play for the Chicago Bears.
Lez Be Friends
Episode overview
Marcy becomes jealous when her lesbian cousin, Mandy, comes to visit.
The Desperate Half-Hour (1)
Episode overview
Bud's pen-pal from prison and her boyfriend pay a visit to the Bundy household and takes the family hostage, but Kelly ends up falling in love with the boyfriend.
How to Marry a Moron (2)
Episode overview
With hours before Kelly's wedding, Al learns that Kelly's new beau is lusting for other women and since Kelly is his daughter, he takes offense to that.
Chicago Shoe Exchange
Episode overview
Al and Griff start a barter to get a massage chair. Meanwhile, Kelly gives massages to Bud.