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Summoning of the Heroic Spirits
Episode overview
Eight years ago in Germany, Kiritsugu Emiya and his wife, Irisviel von Einzbern, welcome the birth of their daughter, Illyasviel. Though Kiritsugu fears he will lead Irisviel to her .. show full overview
False Start
Episode overview
Waver has a hard time commanding his servant Rider, who is actually Alexander the Great, as Rider is more interested how the world has changed since his time and wants to return to .. show full overview
Land of Winter Trees
Episode overview
Tokiomi's servant Archer, Gilgamesh, shows dissatisfaction of killing Assassin as it is later revealed at Risei's church where Kirei announces his resignation from the war and granted .. show full overview
Blade of the Demonic Spear
Episode overview
Saber and Lancer fight for supremacy. After some fierce and defensive fighting from both sides, Lancer's master allows Lancer to use his noble phantasms. Lancer's magic-canceling spear .. show full overview
The Vicious Beast Roars
Episode overview
Picking off immediately after the previous episode, Rider introduces himself as Alexander the Great to Lancer and Saber. Lancer's master is revealed to be Waver's teacher, Lord .. show full overview
Night of Stratagems
Episode overview
Iri and Saber are driving to the Einzbern Castle at the outskirts of Fuyuki until they encounter Caster. Caster believes Saber is Jeanne d'Arc but Saber tell him he has mistaken her and .. show full overview
Forest of Demons
Episode overview
From his church, Risei informs all of the active Masters that the war is to be put on hold until Caster, who's killings of children are attracting the public, is killed with the reward .. show full overview
The Magus Killer
Episode overview
Iri and Maiya are about to escape through the woods until Iri detects Kirei coming their way. Instead of evading him, Iri and Maiya decide to confront him in order to protect Kiritsugu. .. show full overview
Master and Servant
Episode overview
After having a dream of Lancer's past, El-Melloi wakes up with his body tied on a bed. Sola tells El-Melloi that his Magic Circuits were destroyed and he can no longer use magic but she .. show full overview
Rin's Adventure
Episode overview
Focusing on Tokiomi's daughter Rin, the story tells how Rin was involved in the Fuyuki City Kidnappings. Rin is determine to follow in her father's footsteps as a great mage by learning .. show full overview
The Grail Dialogue
Episode overview
Rider, accompanied by Waver, unexpectedly arrives at the Einzbern Castle on Gordius Wheel. Greeting Saber and Iri, Rider announces he came to have a drink with Saber. Saber accepts and .. show full overview
Invitation of the Holy Grail
Episode overview
Thanks to the information provided by the Assassins due to their sacrifice, Tokiomi and Kirei now know about Rider's Noble Phantasm and decides to let him attack the other servants first .. show full overview
The Forbidden Banquet
Episode overview
Waver has a dream of Rider's past in his search for Oceanus before waking up. Caster and Uryū returns to their lair and are mad to see their "artwork" destroyed by the fire. But Uryū .. show full overview
The Mion River Battle
Episode overview
Saber, Lancer, and Rider fight to stop Caster's Demon from reaching the shore, however the beast regenerates at an astounding pace, making it difficult to destroy. Kirei and Risei .. show full overview
Golden Brilliance
Episode overview
As Archer and Berserker continue to battle in the sky, Saber and Rider are forced to retreat from Caster's Demon to rethink their strategy. Rider will transport the demon into Ionian .. show full overview
The End of Honor
Episode overview
Kayneth visits Risei and asks for his reward for Lancer helping defeat Caster. Risei agrees to reward Kayneth a Command Seal before Kayneth kills him to ensure the other Masters don't .. show full overview
The Eighth Contract
Episode overview
Kirei discovers Risei's body and informs Tokiomi. Kirei is saddened over his father's death, although Archer suggests that his sadness is due to not having the chance to kill his own .. show full overview
Distant Memories
Episode overview
Years ago, a young Kiritsugu lived on an island in the Pacific with his father Noritaka and befriended a local girl named Shirley who called him Kerry. Noritaka was researching on .. show full overview
Where Justice is Found
Episode overview
Since the incident, Kiritsugu began living with Natalia who trained him to become a mercenary just like her and travel around the world in various conflicts. Due to his unique magic, .. show full overview
Return of the Assassin
Episode overview
Kiritsugu visits an ailing Iri where she gives her husband the scabbard Avalon and asks him that after the war is over, he should bring their daughter Ilya to see and explore Japan. .. show full overview
Knight on Two Wheels
Episode overview
As Saber chases after Rider throughout the city on her motorcycle, Kiritsugu investigates and concludes that Rider was not responsible for attacking Iri and Maiya. Saber finds the real .. show full overview
All Evil in This World
Episode overview
Waver returns to his hideout at the Mackenzie's household. The Mackenzies, whom Waver put a spell on them to made them believe he was their grandson, are actually aware he isn't but they .. show full overview
The Sea at the End of the World
Episode overview
As Kiritsugu and Saber arrive at the theater separately, Saber is attacked by Berserker armed with guns in the underground parking lot. Meanwhile, Rider and Waver encounter Archer at the .. show full overview
The Last Command Seal
Episode overview
With Kiritsugu and Kirei fight with all of their skills, Saber finally kills Lancelot, leading to Kariya's death, where they share one last talk. As both Kiritsugu and Kirei are about to .. show full overview
Episode overview
Saber destroys the Grail along with the theater before disappearing. However, much to Kiritsugu's horror, the Grail spreads its lethal black ooze from the sky, causing death and .. show full overview