Little Witch Academia

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Starting Over
Episode overview
Atsuko "Akko" Kagari enrolls in the prestigious academy Luna Nova following her dream and passion of becoming a witch like Shiny Chariot. She searches all over the small town of Brighton .. show full overview
Episode overview
Akko is excited for the first day of magic lessons, an excitement that her roommates Sucy and Lotte have difficulty sharing. However, the classes prove to be a more mundane affair than .. show full overview
Don't Stop Me Now
Episode overview
The Luna Nova students begin taking broom flying lessons. Despite being unable to even get off the ground, Akko becomes eager to enter the school's traditional broom relay event after .. show full overview
Night Fall
Episode overview
The plot of Night Fall itself started off from moment where Belle, a science teacher whom met a handsome vampire named Edgar after a time-travel mishap due to entering a mysterious .. show full overview
Pact of the Dragon
Episode overview
An argument between Akko and Amanda in the midst of potions class triggers the explosion of one of the class' concoctions, causing them both to get detention. While cleaning the .. show full overview
The Fountain
Episode overview
Luna Nova hosts a welcoming party for the Earl of Hanbridge and his son, Andrew, who appears to be an old acquaintance of Diana's. Meanwhile, as Akko is stuck having to practise her .. show full overview
Orange Submariner
Episode overview
Akko studies hard for her exams, but still struggles to get decent grades despite Ursula's tutorage. After getting into a fight with Hannah and Barbara, Akko is threatened with expulsion .. show full overview
Akko's Adventure in Sucyworld
Episode overview
After drinking her own ominous energy drink formula, Sucy winds up in a deep sleep with mushrooms growing around her body. Unable to ask for a teacher's help out of fear of expulsion, .. show full overview
Undead Travelogue
Episode overview
While trying to fix some tombstones that she knocked over while at a graveyard, Akko accidentally mixes a reversal spell she was using with one of Sucy's mushrooms, which ends up .. show full overview
Bee Affection
Episode overview
Hearing about a party at Andrew's mansion that Diana is attending, Akko, Lotte and Sucy don magical Cinderella dresses and sneak into the party. Just as Andrew notices them and prepares .. show full overview
Blue Moon
Episode overview
Akko comes to Ursula late at night to ask her about Chariot's disappearance, but doesn't get much help from her. In her studies, Diana discovers that his ancient power is sealed in .. show full overview
What You Will
Episode overview
As Luna Nova prepares for their annual Samhain Festival, during which the most exemplary student is crowned the Moonlit Witch, Diana is put in charge of the committee while Akko's group .. show full overview
Samhain Magic Festival
Episode overview
Akko works tirelessly to try and improve her magic for the show. During her performance, Akko and the others learn what has made Vajarois a sorrowful ghost.
New Age Magic
Episode overview
The workers at Luna Nova strike over the low amount of magic they are granted from the Sorcerer's Stone. Attempting to diffuse the situation, Akko attempts to talk to them only to end .. show full overview
Chariot of Fire
Episode overview
Croix and Chariot were classmates, upon hearing this Akko goes to Croix, who asks her to bring the Shiny Rod to her laboratory in the New Moon Tower for analysis. When Akko shows up, Croix knocks her unconscious...
Pohjola's Ordeal
Episode overview
After learning from Ursula and the Shiny Rod that she needs to find something she is lacking in order to unlock the fourth word, Akko joins Lotte and Sucy as they visit Lotte's home in a .. show full overview
Amanda O'Neill and the Holy Grail
Episode overview
Learning from Ursula that history and tradition are the clues needed to unlock the Shiny Rod's fifth word, Akko and Amanda sneak into Andrew's school, Appleton Academy, where a relic known as the Holy Grail is being kept.
Stanship Take Off!
Episode overview
An annual ghost hunting event, known as the Wild Hunt, is coming to Blytonbury for its final stage. After accidentally breaking one of her robots, Akko offers to help silent tech genius .. show full overview
Episode overview
Akko learns that Diana is leaving Luna Nova to become the head of the Cavendish family. Refusing to accept Diana simply leaving despite their past differences, Akko decides to head .. show full overview
Intellect and Sensibility
Episode overview
As Diana prepares for her ascension ritual, which can only take place once every few years during a Venusian eclypse, she is captured by Daryl who ensnares her in snakes. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
Episode overview
Having found the fifth Word with Diana, Akko is determined to get the final two Words so she can see Chariot. The sixth word, Lyonne, lays hold to a bitter memory for Professor Ursula .. show full overview
Things We Said Today
Episode overview
Ursula tells Akko about the final work, following Croix's more aggressive movements. While meeting Andrew, Akko notices some techno-magic hovering around the protesters. She chases .. show full overview
Episode overview
Following the painful news about Chariot and her magical ability, Akko disappears. Diana confronts Ursula about being Chariot and her history. After learning the truth that Akko did, .. show full overview
A Road to Arcturus
Episode overview
Croix uses the emotions of the rioting mobs to activate her creation, the Noir Rod, managing to disable all magic across the country. Croix uses the Noir Rod to unseal the Grand .. show full overview
Changing at the Edge of the World
Episode overview
The girls learn that the remnants of the Noir Rod have taken control of a nuclear missile that threatens to destroy the country Great Britain is currently in conflict with due to Croix's .. show full overview