Leverage: Redemption

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The Debutante Job
Episode overview
The team pulls Harry back into the fold to help a journalist investigating the corrupt president of a small eastern European nation. But when the journalist is grabbed, our team has to infiltrate a London Ball to extract him.
The One Man's Trash Job
Episode overview
The crew finds out that a shady plastics exporter whose dumping threatens local waters is smuggling black market antiquities on his barges, and plots to relieve him of his ill-gotten gains.
The Tournament Job
Episode overview
The team has to infiltrate an e-sports tournament to stop a ruthless team owner from mentally and physically abusing his young players.
The Date Night Job
Episode overview
While staging a date-night experience for Parker & Hardison at an ultra-secure freeport facility, the team comes across another heist in progress and must stop it to save the life of a 13-year-old boy.
The Walk In The Woods Job
Episode overview
While investigating the mysterious death of Eliot’s friend, the Leverage team infiltrate an infamous enclave of power to take down the corrupt head of a Private Security Company.
The Fractured Job
Episode overview
Eliot returns to his hometown and discovers that the run-off from an oil fracking company is now poisoning the water and the crew plots to take down the powerful man behind it all.
The Big Rig Job
Episode overview
The team infiltrates a trucking company to stop a pair of siblings from stealing their father’s company and forcing his employees into indentured servitude.
The Turkish Prisoner Job
Episode overview
The team uses the true story of a World War I P.O.W. escape to free an innocent man framed by a pair of dirty cops.
The Pyramid Job
Episode overview
Prompted by an old friend of Sophie's, the team takes on a husband-wife couple who run a multi-level marketing pyramid scheme that preys on young mothers, emotionally and financially
The Work Study Job
Episode overview
After a college professor steals a discovery from his grad student, the Leverage team has to take him down, returning the credit and reputation to the brilliant young woman in the process.
The Belly Of The Beast Job
Episode overview
The team reluctantly enlists the help of a naïve but ambitious assistant to take down a predatory music producer, in an episode told entirely from the POV of a regular person.
The Museum Makeover Job
Episode overview
When a Leverage International team’s museum heist goes awry, our crew goes in to finish the job, ultimately realizing they’ve been lured into a trap by a treacherous old friend.
The Crowning Achievement Job
Episode overview
When a formidable enemy steals the Maharaja's Crown and traps the crew in the museum, the Leverage team must find a way out and the crown before they go down for the crime.