The House of Flowers

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The Funeral
Episode overview
The de la Mora siblings publicly mourn the death of their mother amid multiple surprises and mishaps at Virginia's funeral.
PETUNIA (Symb. cunning)
Episode overview
In the present, Paulina is surprised by her new cellmate. Shocking news is revealed about Elena. In 1979, rebellious Virginia celebrates her birthday.
SUNFLOWER (Symb. power)
Episode overview
Purificación complicates life for Paulina. Diego and Julián reach out to Elena's exes. Back in 1979, Virginia tries new experiences.
GERBERA (Symb. first love)
Episode overview
Victoria sends Virginia to a strict all-girls school. Diego attempts to reconcile with his homophobic parents, who offer him a suggestion.
MALLOW (Symb. ambition)
Episode overview
María José suspects Purificación is hiding something. Paulina forges new alliances in prison. Ernesto lets the performers manage the cabaret.
AZALEA (Symb. temperance)
Episode overview
In 1979, Virginia receives life-changing news as her father continues to get sicker. Paulina is freed from jail with María José's help.
BETONY (Symb. surprise)
Episode overview
Victoria's meddling creates a conflict between the de la Mora siblings. A worried María José attempts to convince Purificación to seek mental help.
CLOVER (Symb. revenge)
Episode overview
Julián finds out more about what happened between Elena and Diego. In 1979, Virginia plans to break the news to Salo and decide on their future.
COHOSH (Symb. scandal)
Episode overview
Virginia is convinced her father has abandoned them, while Pato begins to suspect the truth. In the present, Pablo helps Elena escape.
HYACINTH (Symb. jealousy)
Episode overview
Paulina looks into her family's past and starts asking questions about Pato. Julián and Elena team up to try and free Diego. Delia seeks revenge.
ELFDOCK (Symb. tears)
Episode overview
Virginia comes up with a plan for her and Ernesto. Now, La Chiva reveals the truth to Paulina. Conflict increases between Delia and Victoria.
LAUREL (Symb. glory)
Episode overview
The members of the de la Mora family each celebrate their new beginning while, in the shadows, Purificación plots her revenge.