Karen Sisco

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  • ABC (US)
  • Action Adventure Crime Drama



Blown Away
Episode overview
In the opening episode, Karen Sisco is shot, learns that her charter fisherman boyfriend might be a bank robber, and has to satisfy Internal Affairs. Karen and fellow Marshall Danny .. show full overview
Dumb Bunnies
Episode overview
A baseball worth millions is stolen by two escaped convicts (the Salchek brothers). Unfortunately for the Salchek's, the baseball is owned by the infamous mob boss Charlie Lucre (Danny .. show full overview
The One That Got Away
Episode overview
Nicholas Pell (Thomas Kretschmann, ""The Pianist"") slips through Karen's fingers immediately after he exits a plane. Karen's humiliated, and now ordered off the case by the FBI. But .. show full overview
Episode overview
Marshalls Karen Sisco and Konner (Gary Cole) must track down three fugitives from the Biloxi prison. All three, Fuzzy Bear, 6pak, and Jamaal Watson are members of a Washington DC gang. .. show full overview
Episode overview
After fifteen years, Junior McLean (John Diehl) is finally released from an Everglades prison with nothing but an old faded picture of a little girl. Also in the Everglades is a man .. show full overview
Dear Derwood
Episode overview
Derwood Edson breaks out of prison after receiving a letter from his stripper girlfriend Angie. Derwood's best friend, Dwight, has been spending a little too much time with .. show full overview
Nobody's Perfect
Episode overview
Karen Sisco's current assignment: track down fugitive Louis Dinardo. Dinardo is wanted for the murder of Mr. Garnier's assistant and theft of several hundred thousand dollars. Mr. .. show full overview
Dog Day Sisco
Episode overview
While visiting the bank, Marshall and Karen are taken hostage. Karen and Marshall try to save the situation from the inside, while Karen's boss, Amos Andrews, tries to hold back the .. show full overview
No One's Girl
Episode overview
A young girl witnesses the murder of her guardian (a snitch) by a drug dealer, and must be protected by Karen.
He Was a Friend of Mine
Episode overview
Karen goes undercover as an escort, and investigates designer drugs.