Intruders (2014)

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  • Drama Fantasy Mystery Science-fiction Suspense Thriller



She Was Provisional
Episode overview
Mysteries unfold as Amy heads to Seattle on business and vanishes; Jack goes to Seattle only to uncover more unanswered questions about Amy's whereabouts; an old friend visits Jack and .. show full overview
And Here… You Must Listen
Episode overview
Jack desperately tries to find Amy in Seattle but her movements offer more questions than answers; Madison finds herself in a train station with a ticket to Seattle, an envelope of cash, .. show full overview
Time Has Come Today
Episode overview
Jack returns home to find Amy sleeping soundly in bed. She has a logical explanation for her whereabouts in Seattle and professes her love to Jack only to ask for a separation the next .. show full overview
Ave Verum Corpus
Episode overview
Gary reveals a strange link between his former client and Amy. But just as Jack and Gary start to put the pieces together, their only reliable source is brutally murdered. Meanwhile, .. show full overview
The Shepherds and the Fox
Episode overview
Madison’s instincts are gaining strength as she slowly starts to make sense of Marcus’ memories. Jack learns that Gary hasn’t been entirely truthful and forces a terrifying confession. Richard finally comes face-to-face with Marcus.
Episode overview
Rose confronts Jack to explain the cause of Amy’s recent strange behavior. Amy’s past – one which she has worked so hard to suppress and deny – has come back to haunt her and the only .. show full overview
The Crossing Place
Episode overview
A gruesome discovery buried in Jack’s backyard incites him to make one last attempt to bring Amy home. Rose remains haunted by a tragedy from her distant past and abducts a lowly waiter .. show full overview
There Is No End
Episode overview
Jack discovers the alarming depth and scope of the organization to which he’s lost Amy. Marcus and Madison engage in a fatal struggle. Richard is forced on the run but recruits an unexpected partner along the way.