Interview with the Vampire

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In Throes of Increasing Wonder...
Episode overview
Almost 50 years have passed since Daniel Molloy first interviewed Louis de Pointe du Lac. Times, technology, and Molloy have all changed. Louis sends a letter asking Molloy to meet at a place of Louis’ choosing.
...After the Phantoms of Your Former Self
Episode overview
Louis recounts his transition to becoming a vampire; his first kill, his reluctance to break ties with his family and his ultimate failure to enjoy the art of his new powers, much to the chagrin of Lestat.
Is My Very Nature That of a Devil
Episode overview
Tension begins to mount in all areas of Louis’ world: his romantic relationship, his human family and his business interests. A shocking act of violence leads to the most profound decision of his life.
The Ruthless Pursuit of Blood With All a Child’s Demanding
Episode overview
In his penthouse, Louis gives Molloy access to Claudia’s diaries, which offer a fresh and contemporaneous account of the creation of the young fledgling vampire and how her Vampire guardians adjust to their new family of three.
A Vile Hunger for Your Hammering Heart
Episode overview
Claudia’s activities and curiosities present continued challenges for Louis and Lestat. Her actions light an explosive fuse that erupts at episode’s end.
Like Angels Put in Hell by God
Episode overview
Lestat attempts to make amends with Louis. The vampire family decides to live together once more. A surprising action from Lestat leads the family to decide to leave New Orleans, once and for all. In Dubai, Molloy has a shocking realization.
The Thing Lay Still
Episode overview
The vampire family plans to leave town after a big Mardi Gras ball. Claudia and Louis operate outside of Lestat's knowledge. In Dubai, Louis reveals a new element to the interview that changes everything.