Intelligence (2020)

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  • Sky One
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  • Action Comedy Crime



Episode 1
Episode overview
Jerry Bernstein finds himself the centre of attention once again when the Russians obtain a cyberweapon that Jerry himself helped develop.
Episode 2
Episode overview
A member of the team is exposed as a CySec mole, but unbeknownst to the others is actually working as a triple agent for Christine.
Episode 3
Episode overview
A rival GCHQ team find important information about the cyber weapon Eternal Blue. But when they refuse to share it, Jerry must think of a solution.
Episode 4
Episode overview
It's a harassment and discrimination training day at CySec but all is not what is seems with the course leader, Hilary Bowen. Has Jerry met his match?
Episode 5
Episode overview
Jerry learns that a kidnapping group want him in an exchange for a hostage. Not keen on the idea, he comes up with a plan of his own.
Episode 6
Episode overview
After saving the day—and his own skin—Jerry is facing a bright future. Will he stay at GCHQ or go back to the US?