A Very Secret Service

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Tetanus and Yellow Fever
Episode overview
Calot, Moulinier and Jacquard fly to Cuba to rescue a missing agent, only to find she doesn't want their help. The Colonel lays a trap for Moïse.
Episode overview
As France votes on Algeria's future, Jacquard hatches a crooked scheme, André works to free Moïse, and Sophie springs a surprise on her family.
When the Water’s at 12°, Expect It to Be Cold
Episode overview
The Colonel orders his henchmen to take out André, Marie-Jo uses her baking to gather intel, and a delegation from Quebec asks the agency for help.
The Monkey Is in the Rocket
Episode overview
A shocking announcement leaves André confused. After laughing off Calot's warnings about the Cold War, Moulinier ignites a major international crisis.
The Coup
Episode overview
During a mission to Algeria, the Colonel's strange behavior prompts Jacquard to take a drastic step. André makes contact with a mysterious figure.
The Green Gerbil Isn’t So Green
Episode overview
While Jacquard and Moktar transport the bomb -- and the unraveling Colonel -- across the desert, Moulinier falls head over heels for his target.
What’s Africa Got to Do With It?
Episode overview
Tasked with choosing a new president for an African nation, Moulinier follows his heart. Meanwhile, André faces yet more grueling tests.
John, Jacky, Yvonne and the General
Episode overview
Ahead of a visit from the Kennedys, two CIA agents try to stamp out any hint of communism at the agency. The Colonel sics a surveillance team on Irène.
Tovaritch Merlaux
Episode overview
While Calot schools his colleagues in the curious ways of the Eastern bloc, André tours the nerve center of the KGB.
Poland Is a Lovely Place
Episode overview
The Colonel threatens to reveal Moïse's secret if he doesn't deliver André within 36 hours. The shoe incident leads to historic repercussions.
The Non-Death of the Dead Mole
Episode overview
While the real mole attempts to eliminate André, Moïse gains some leverage of his own, and the Colonel seeks a solution to his wedding problem.
Code Extended to Algeria
Episode overview
Hijinks and revelations abound as André hops a train in Algeria in search of the mysterious Yannick -- with the other agents in hot pursuit.