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Mind on Fire
Still reeling from her violent encounter with Bill Boone, Henry tries to let off some steam at a party.
Fight or Flight
Jenna and Townes help Henry prepare for her next meeting with the mysterious teleporter. Anna navigates local politics.
For Those Lost
Henry and Cleo take a road trip, hoping to find information on Henry’s father. Anna begins an investigation of her own.
The Moroi
Young Nikolai struggles to control his newfound abilities.
Crossing the Threshold
Henry tries to conquer her past, while Jenna and Townes explore their futures, going on a college visit that offers unexpected opportunities. Anna faces an inquiry at work.
Seven of Hearts
After searching through her father’s belongings, Henry makes a meaningful discovery that puts pressure on Nikolai.
The End of the World
Enjoying a newfound self-confidence, Henry attends the school dance, while Jenna and Townes are forced to confront their own emotional triggers.
The Tether
As Henry gains a deeper understanding of her abilities, things at home reach a boiling point. Anna’s family pressures her to make a change.
A Moment of Clarity
Anna’s suspicions reach new heights as Henry grows increasingly desperate to evade exposure.
Making Amends
Nikolai makes a startling confession that drives Henry further away from her family and friends.