How To with John Wilson

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How To Make Small Talk
Episode overview
John Wilson reflects on the delicate balancing act of making – and safely redirecting – casual conversation, highlighting the rewards and risks of small talk.
How To Put Up Scaffolding
Episode overview
John Wilson offers a unique history of New York’s hideous yet sprawling network of overhead “protection,” otherwise known as scaffolding – and contemplates what it might take to reduce its nearly 300-mile eyesore presently overtaking the city.
How To Improve Your Memory
Episode overview
John Wilson taps into his “Memory Palace” for an unforgettable exploration into our ability – or inability – to remember things.
How To Cover Your Furniture
Episode overview
While trying to live peacefully with his furniture destroying cat, John Wilson explores the challenges of keeping an object in pristine condition
How To Split the Check
Episode overview
John Wilson attempts to make sense of the intricacies – and fairness practices – behind the complex art of splitting the check.
How To Make The Perfect Risotto
Episode overview
To thank his elderly landlord for all the times she has cooked and cleaned for him, John attempts to make her favorite dish.