Holding the Fort

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Feeling the Pinch
Episode overview
Russell's home brewery is in the grip of the recession and in need of a significant input of cash. But can he and Penny find somebody who has more money than sense - who is willing to invest?!
All Boys Together
Episode overview
When Penny introduces one of her new colleagues to Russell, she is surprised at just how quickly he takes to them...
A Place in the Sun
Episode overview
It's been years since Penny and Russell had a decent holiday but the opportunity to join their neighbours at a holiday villa in France causes Russell to get cold feet...
Under Pressure
Episode overview
It seems that even when she is laid up with a bad cold that Penny is unable to get any rest - both the army and the brewery seem unable to cope without her...
One Careful Owner
Episode overview
After receiving an unexpected windfall, Penny decides to spend some of her money on a surprise birthday present for Russell...
Otherwise Engaged
Episode overview
When Hector Quilley becomes very friendly with her glamorous mother, Penny thinks that her military career could come to a premature conclusion...
New from the Front
Episode overview
There's a lot of professional rivalry when Penny and Hector Quilley are both hoping to win promotion...