Hold the Sunset

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If I were a wise man
Episode overview
Coming 2019
The Sale
Episode overview
With Edith and Phil's sunset retirement waiting on the sale of the house, Phil begins to despair of it ever selling.
The Disappearance
Episode overview
After his disastrous Open Day, Phil has disappeared. As Edith searches for him, her difficult sister Joan invites herself to stay. Meanwhile Roger comes up with a new way to make money: by renting out his mother's spare room online, to two Americans.
Aunty Joan
Episode overview
Edith is finding her irritating sister Joan very difficult, and Roger, impatient to help Phil sell his house, decides to help by checking his roof for dry rot.
The Lemming Family
Episode overview
Edith and Phil are dismayed to find themselves portrayed in Wendy’s prizewinning book, and Roger’s hopes of becoming a carer look like being revived.
Damage Limitation
Episode overview
Edith and Phil finally set a date for their wedding, but romance is in the air for more than one couple.
Doing a Bunk
Episode overview
Edith and Phil can finally make a plan for their wedding – which doesn’t include an invitation for Bob – and Roger enlists Georgie to video the proceedings.