Hit & Miss

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  • Drama



Episode 1
Episode overview
An assassin with a secret, Mia's life is changed forever by a letter from her ex.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Mia ends up becoming the victim after her new brood refuse to accept her and her landlord wants revenge.
Episode 3
Episode overview
A romantic opportunity comes up for Mia, but her secrets end up being compromised after a hit goes violently wrong. Riley has a problem of her own to deal with.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Following a huge confession from Riley and progress with Ben, Mia attempts to keep the her home and work lives separate, but they end up coming to a full-on collision.
Episode 5
Episode overview
Eddie tasks Mia with executing a demanding hit after he helps her dispose of a body, and Ben struggles to comprehend his feelings for Mia after discovering that she is Ryan’s father.
Episode 6
Episode overview
Mia ends up going missing in action. Eddie is furious and Riley is arousing suspicion. The brood find themselves under fire from everywhere.