Guilt (2019)

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  • BBC Scotland
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  • Comedy Crime Drama Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
Skye's plan to try and to scare off Danny and his gang backfires, while Max and Jake's pub in Chicago is heading for financial ruin. Meanwhile, Sir Jim Sturrock opens a community centre .. show full overview
Episode 2
Episode overview
Max and Jake seek refuge with a face from the past in the Highlands, but Teddy is on their trail. Scotland’s national bank is being sold, and Maggie sees an opportunity.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Max, Jake and their new gang hide from Maggie in Edinburgh and discover her link to Sir Jim Sturrock. Maggie exerts pressure on Teddy, while Aliza risks the bank sale.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Max and Jake have a plan for final victory, but so does everyone else. Maggie’s enemies close in, and Sturrock’s bank sale is in danger.