Guilt (2019)

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  • : 8
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  • BBC Scotland
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  • Comedy Crime Drama Thriller



Episode 1
Episode overview
In an Edinburgh cellar, two gunshots ring out. Across town, Max McCall is released from prison. These two events gradually converge as Max tries to rebuild his life.
Episode 2
Episode overview
Max and Kenny find a local Minister more of an obstacle than they thought. Pressure builds for Erin, while Teddy is seeking answers.
Episode 3
Episode overview
Max and Erin’s relationship grows ever more complicated, as the pressure on Max from his police handler Jackie steadily increases, and he has a surprising meeting.
Episode 4
Episode overview
Max and Jake pick up arguments old and new, while the Lynch family face their darkest secret. Max offers Erin a way out but is running out of time to find one for himself.