Grand Crew

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Wine & Traffic
Episode overview
Noah responds to Simone's marriage proposal, which leads the fellas to go on an adventure. Nicky deals with tension between her and her secret boyfriend, and there's wine.
Wine & Labels
Episode overview
Noah tries to find a new normal with Simone. Anthony realizes he doesn't have a poker face. Sherm starts a risky new business, and there's wine.
Wine & Neighbors
Episode overview
The fellas attend a party hosted by Anthony and Sherm's neighbor. Nicky's relationship is put to the test. Fay jumps back into the dating scene, and there's wine.
Wine & Ojai
Episode overview
The crew takes a trip to Ojai, and there's wine.
Wine & Children
Episode overview
Nicky and Noah find out their dad has a new boo. Anthony and Fay look after Wyatt's plants while he's away. Sherm dates a mommy, and there's wine.
Wine & Roasts
Episode overview
Wyatt doesn't know how to roast, so Sherm agrees to help him. Noah tries to make things right with a disgruntled customer. Nicky dates a sleep talker. And there's wine.
Wine & Honors
Episode overview
Anthony receives an award from his alma mater. Sherm has an opportunity to meet a renowned businessman. Nicky helps Fay with a yard sale, but they lose something really important, and there's wine.
Wine & Bachata
Episode overview
Fay helps Nicky and Anthony cope with a big life change. Noah and Wyatt compete for the chance to go to a fancy dinner with Sherm, and there's wine.
Wine & Journals
Episode overview
Noah dates a girl who likes to have sex for hours. Nicky finds the house of Anthony's dreams. Wyatt spends time with his niece, Nadine, and there's wine.
Wine & Tastings
Episode overview
The crew goes to a wine-tasting event at a very exclusive club. Noah and Sherm enter a wine-tasting competition while Anthony and Nicky try to get into the "members only" area. Wyatt and .. show full overview