Grand Hotel

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The Masked Ball
Episode overview
A masked ball brings drama and big danger to the hotel as Alfredo's old flame Beatriz shows up and Andres finds himself cornered by a potential killer.
Intent of Correction
Episode overview
As Alfredo seeks an annulment to his marriage to Sofia, Dona Teresa seizes a chance to win her hotel back. Spanish period drama.
The Kidnapping
Episode overview
As a member of the Alarcon family learns of Julio and Alicia's affair, Julio finds himself blackmailed into another dangerous scheme.
Family Album
Episode overview
Magician Houdini pays the hotel a visit and offers Julio a new lead into Don Carlos murder. Former maitre Benjamin makes a surprising return to the hotel.
The Game of Appearances.
Episode overview
Alicia and Julio's trip to the nunnery leads them to uncover Angela's secret. Plus, Sofia finds herself arrested for murder.
Blood Ties
Episode overview
Julio and Alicia discover the gold knife killer is willing to do anything to keep his identity a secret. Angela's younger sister shows up at the hotel.
Circle of Noon.
Episode overview
Alicia and Julio finally track down Don Carlos' killer. Dona Teresa has a change of heart regarding Andres' future. But her proposal comes with a price.
The Last Night
Episode overview
Don Diego's illness presents Alicia and Julio with an unmissable opportunity to live the life they have so far been denied. But can they seize it?
The First Day
Episode overview
In the aftermath of the explosion, Alicia is abducted. The hotel, turned into a makeshift hospital, struggles to cope with numerous injured.
Episode overview
Alicia returns safely to the hotel but she is amnesic. Diego now single owner of the hotel is considering to sell it. Sofía has recurring nightmares about her past. Alaya tries to frame Alicia's abductors.
The Sale
Episode overview
Diego has sold the hotel to Celia Velledur. Alicia and Julio look for the car used to kidnap her. Ayala is investigating on the disappearance of Celia, new owner of the hotel
The Tower
Episode overview
Javier weds heiress Laura Montenegro unaware of her secret. Alicia's abductor returns to the hotel to blackmail Diego.
Nobility Obliges
Episode overview
The Grand Hotel welcomes royal guests, and Alfredo takes the chance to get back his noble title. Andrés and Camilla finally split up thanks to Belén constant mischief.
The Auction
Episode overview
Andrés wakes up covered with blood and Belén has vanished. During an auction, Alicia receives another clue regarding Diego's past.
The Dragon Variant
Episode overview
Alicia and Julio are about to unravel the mysteries surrounding Adrián Vera. After Andrés' confession, he got house arrest.
The Enemy at Home
Episode overview
Andrés is arrested for the murder of Belén, while an old flame of Javier's threatens to derail his and Laura's post-wedding bliss.
The Punishment
Episode overview
Andrés ponders his fate after being accused of murdering Belén. However, Julio, Maite and Alicia attempt to come to his rescue, as does his mother, Angela.
The Execution
Episode overview
After being accused of murder, Andrés' future is finally decided. Meanwhile, Alfredo uncovers Father Grau's shocking secret.
The Health of the Dead
Episode overview
Belén is back from the dead and a recently resurrected and naive Andrés welcomes her with open arms. While the hotel seems to be filled with ghosts, we finally learn where Alicia is trapped.
Episode overview
The drama intensifies around the Grand Hotel as Julio and Diego have a dramatic showdown. A clash which has potentially life-changing consequences.
Episode overview
Inspector Ayala has no choice but to arrest Alicia after finding Diego wounded alongside her holding a gun. Maite and Julio try to prove that Alicia was just part of a trap.
Episode overview
With Cisneros fleeing, and Diego sick with cholera, Julio and Alicia are free to leave the hotel once and for all and start living a life together that until now has been denied. But .. show full overview