Glory Days

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Grim Ferrytale (Pilot)
Episode overview
Welcome to Glory, the Island of Happiness. Well, that's what the billboard says anyway. The seemingly idyllic small island town in the Pacific Northwest is a breeding ground for eerie .. show full overview
The Devil Made Me Do It
Episode overview
Mike, Ellie and Rudy investigate a teenage piano prodigy who claims to be possessed by a demon but has no recollection of his violent episodes. Meanwhile, Hazel tries to overcome the .. show full overview
Miss Fortune Teller
Episode overview
When Sam becomes third in a string of girls abducted on Glory Island, Mike, Ellie and Rudy hasten to learn the kidnapper's identity. Mike is desperate to find her. They also investigate .. show full overview
Death, Lies and Videotape
Episode overview
FBI agents arrive in Glory in an attempt to track down a serial killer. Mike is suspicious of Ellie's visiting friend and snoops through his belongings, finding an incriminating .. show full overview
The Lost Girls
Episode overview
After Rudy and Mike have a run-in with some strange young women who claim to be vampires, Ellie discovers that the body of a murder victim was drained of blood. Mike is convinced that .. show full overview
Everybody Loves Rudy
Episode overview
Rudy gets locked up in his own jail when a woman the sheriff met through the personal ads is killed shortly after their date---and his fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. Mike .. show full overview
There Goes the Neighborhood
Episode overview
An eccentric resident is found murdered after he stumbles upon strange tubes in the ground that lead to a man who has been buried alive in a coffin. Meanwhile, Mitzi plans a welcome .. show full overview
No Guts, No Glory
Episode overview
The murder of a beauty-pageant contestant leads Mike, Rudy and Ellie to suspect the separated woman's husband. Meanwhile, Sam sets her sights on an older man; Mike interviews the .. show full overview
Clowning Glory
Episode overview
An attempt by the Glory Chamber of Commerce to cheer up the town by bringing in a clown troupe backfires when an unidentified harlequin commits a series of grisly murders. Rudy has a .. show full overview
Cirque de So Dead
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.