George & Tammy

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The Race is On
Episode overview
Tammy Wynette gets a big break when she's asked to open for her idol, George Jones; the two have an immediate romantic connection and musical chemistry, but their aspiring partnership faces a major obstacle.
Stand by Your Man
Episode overview
Running away together turns out to be difficult with Tammy's past threatening to derail their hopes for marriage; George's past is standing in the way of their future as a recording duo.
We're Gonna Hold On
Episode overview
The President and First Lady of Country Music are on top of the world: hit after hit, award after award, and a new baby to boot. However, when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents .. show full overview
The Grand Tour
Episode overview
The only Christmas present Tammy wants is George's sobriety. When he cannot deliver, their relationship hits a crisis point, forcing Tammy to make a drastic threat. When George calls her .. show full overview
Two Story House
Episode overview
Post-divorce, Tammy finds herself at the top of the charts, while George finds himself at the bottom of a glass; George finds career resurrection as Tammy orchestrates a reunion tour, and makes a decision that will change her life.
Justified & Ancient
Episode overview
After over a decade apart, a devastating event reunites George and Tammy for one final tour. Will country music's greatest power couple find clarity and grace before they face their final curtain?