From the Earth to the Moon

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Can We Do This?
Episode overview
The Soviet Union has done the unthinkable by sending a man up to space. The United States enters the historic space race and the only way of winning is getting a man on the moon.
Apollo 1
Episode overview
A horrible accident occurred on January 27, 1967 onboard Apollo 1, causing the deaths of Gus Grissom, Ed White and Roger Chaffee and it threatened to end the American space program.
We Have Cleared the Tower
Episode overview
After the tragic Apollo 1 fire, NASA moves forward to get Apollo 7 ready.
Episode overview
With all that had happened that year, 1968 looked as if it wouldn't be remembered fondly. But then Jim Lovell, Bill Anders and Frank Borman made the first journey toward the moon.
Episode overview
Having succeeded in getting to the moon's orbit, it was time to begin work on the Lunar Module.
Mare Tranquilitatis
Episode overview
Astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are the crew of Apollo 11 and on July 20, 1969, Neil and Buzz take the historic "small step" onto the moon.
That's All There Is
Episode overview
From the perspective of Astronaut Alan Bean, see how he made an unexpected journey to the moon and his friendship with his Apollo 12 crew mates.
We Interrupt This Program
Episode overview
A disaster has occurred onboard Apollo 13, putting the lives of it's crew in doubt. While the crew's story is very well known, see how things went on the ground for those that cover the news.
For Miles and Miles
Episode overview
Alan Shepard made history by becoming the first American to arrive into space, but his chance to return was denied after becoming sick. Despite that, Alan Shepard worked to make history again.
Galileo Was Right
Episode overview
Politics were the force behind going to the moon, but some actually wanted to learn something from the experience.
The Original Wives' Club
Episode overview
Astronauts did whatever was asked of them to make the journey into space, despite the risks and sacrifices. But their wives also had to make some tough sacrifices.
Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Episode overview
The final part in the series focuses on the last Apollo mission, but also on the making of a film about the moon.