The Foxbusters

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Ackluckalypse Now
Episode overview
A secret mission to find a legendary chicken goes wrong.
Big Trouble
Episode overview
Sims' new invention accidentally makes King Voracious huge and Ransome tiny, until they end up in outer space. After an escalating growth battle between Sims, Jeffries and Voracious and .. show full overview
Day Of The Hunter
Episode overview
Hunter Hawk is about to have the Foxbusters grounded, but they thwart his attempt. Ransome seems to have taking a liking to Hunter until she realised he's been used by the foxes. They then have to rescue Hunter's wife and child from the foxes.
Fear Of Flying
Episode overview
Sims and Jeffries are confused when Ransome starts acting strangely, and discover that the reason behind her behavior is that she has been hypnotized.
The Not So Great Escape
Episode overview
Todd gets taken by accident into the farm. He has no luck escaping and ends up being staying there mistaken for a chicken.
Love Bites
Episode overview
The Foxbusters get all foxes and vixens to fall in love to create a ceasefire, but it only improves their efforts against the chickens. The Foxbusters get the couples to break up.
Eggs, Lies And Videotape
Episode overview
A zoologist is astounded by the flying Foxbuster hens. The Foxbusters try to avoid a flying pose for the zoologist's camera until they give him "Flying Foxes" to film.
Of Mice And Hen
Episode overview
Jeffries is starting to feel overlooked. She goes on a freelance mission to rescue field mice from an owl. After she rescues them, they all rescue Sims and Ransome from the foxes.
Some Like It Otter
Episode overview
Carlotta is through with Rotter and moves in with the Foxbusters. Rotter uses this as an opportunity to grab some eggs. Then Carlotta double crosses everybody.
The PrisHener
Episode overview
Ransome has been taken away to an automatic farm, which acts like a prison. While there she befriends a chicken named Five. All Ransome's attempts to escape fail until she makes the systems go haywire.
Episode overview
King Voracious has had enough of chicken fighting and declares peace with the Foxbusters, but both Sims and Volpone break it all up.
One Paw In The Grave
Episode overview
The foxes hatch another scheme to catch the Foxbusters, while old Volpone is left with the unpopular task of babysitting Ghengis. Insisting that 'the old ways are best', Volpone sets off with Ghengis to prove it.
In The Beak-ginning
Episode overview
Sims tells an ugly duckling story of how she and her sisters were raised by traditionalist parents and became a disgrace to the farmyard due to their flying talent, but gained their .. show full overview