Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

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End of Term Exam
Episode overview
The season is summer! Soma and his friends have been through first semester of the second year and are now facing the final exams. The test is to run a "Beach House" on a beach packed .. show full overview
Preparetory Battle before the BLUE
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A world cooking competition "THE BLUE" was announced to be held. Three slots were available for Totsuki Culinary Institute. With that seat on the line, a "Blue Prequel" will be held that .. show full overview
Les Cuisiniers Noir
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The new lecturer Suzuki challenges Soma on a battle...! Though not a formal battle, Suzuki will be betting on his own “secret” and Soma his “kitchen knife” respectively. The theme was .. show full overview
The Last Supper
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The first day of the BLUE has arrived. There are many young talented chefs at the venue, including the Les Cuisiniers Noirs led by Asahi. The culinary competition begins and Soma, .. show full overview
Episode overview
Having concurred the first challenge, Soma heads off to the second venue. There, he encounters someone unexpected. The second challenge begins and its theme is to “cook something worth .. show full overview
A Midsummer Christmas
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When Soma arrives at the gate of the third challenge, the organizer of BLUE who is also the top of WGO, tells them that she has no expectations for the normal chefs like him. The .. show full overview
Crossed Knives
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Soma is to face off one of the underground chefs, Sarge and the theme of the challenge is Christmas cake. Will Soma’s cake and its hidden gimmick good enough to counter Sarge’s .. show full overview
The Missing Half of the Moon
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Takumi versus Don Calma, member the underground chefs begin! The theme of the battle is to create amuse-bouche in team. However, Isami who supposed to help Takumi doesn’t show up at the .. show full overview
The God Tongue's Despair
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Soma realizes that Erina is facing much harsher tasks than the others. They head to see the organizer of the event to protest. Instead, however, they discover astonishing truth! In the .. show full overview
Surpassing Dad
Episode overview
Soma steadily wins his way up and will be facing Asahi in the next battle! Erina’s concern towards her mother makes her think perhaps it would be best for everyone if Asahi won the .. show full overview
The Taste of Failure
Episode overview
Soma and Asahi’s battle begin! The theme of the battle is to cook a dish that has elements of the 5 cuisine of the world. The battle situation seems to be in favor of Asahi, who .. show full overview
The Perfect Rocks
Episode overview
Like Asashi’s dish, Soma’s dish triggers Mana’s “Gifting” ability within the venue. Who will win and move forward!? Soma and Asahi’s battle finally ends! In the meantime, Azami Nakiri visits Mana. Azami and Mana’s past is revealed for the first time…
Food Wars
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