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Welcome to Farzar
Episode overview
Defying orders, Fichael leads his newly formed squad of misfits on a mission to kill Bazarack — and learns something disturbing about his dad.
Robot Revolution
Episode overview
Scootie gets banished to the Robot District and incites a rebellion against humans. Bazarack plans an attack on Dome City but wants to do it in style.
Save the Reaper Demons
Episode overview
Renzo and the squad get trapped in Fichael's reaper demon sanctuary. Bazarack tries to earn back his driver's license so he can show off his sweet ride.
St. Pudchuggers Day
Episode overview
Renzo tries to get out of an annual lovemaking marathon with Flammy. Fichael woos Val, and Billy hopes to prove Zobo is a harbinger of chaos.
The Adventures of Daddy O'Baggins
Episode overview
Renzo meets an alien porn star. Acting czar Fichael allows aliens inside the city, including Bazarack, who becomes addicted to the humans' luxuries.
Flammily Reunion
Episode overview
Flammy's relatives visit for Fichael's royal ceremony. Bazarack tries to convince several retirees to hand over a web domain. Barry tries a dating app.
Baz, Bangs, and Brains
Episode overview
A war hero challenges Bazarack in the alien election. Feeling insecure, Renzo tasks Barry with creating a way to detect negative thoughts about him.
The Great and Powerful Ozner
Episode overview
Renzo decrees that their god, Ozner, has outlawed sex. Scootie hooks Zobo on Snuffle Snarting. Bazarack fears the wrath of Harold the serial killer.
Memory Wars
Episode overview
Fichael learns something shocking about his childhood memories. Flammy and Bazarack begin an affair. Scootie wants Barry to gather his human parts.
War and Peace
Episode overview
Bazarack unites the alien clans to attack the humans. Val reaches her breaking point. Barry tries to cure Zobo of his chaos addiction.