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Speak, Hannah
Episode overview
Fin debuts Evergreen to the seven smartest people in the world and Hannah guides them on a tour that will change their lives forever.
Find Comfort
Episode overview
Trapped in Evergreen, the group turns to Hannah for answers as they plot an escape to the Earth's surface.
There's Always A Choice
Episode overview
With supplies dwindling, the group channels each of their respective skill sets into cultivating Evergreen for long-term survival.
Down Here, We're All The Same
Episode overview
A new discovery threatens to tear the group apart as Hannah must decide if she'll reveal what she really knows about Evergreen.
We Can't Outrun Reality
Episode overview
Cortex needs a reboot, giving each faction an opportunity to enact their plans. But there's one player they didn't account for.
I'd Rather Die Trying
Episode overview
As Hannah and the others fight for control of Evergreen, Axel uncovers a secret in an unexplored area that changes everything.
Stop Talking, Start Climbing
Episode overview
Hannah spearheads a mission into the depths of Evergreen to fix Fin's mistake. But they aren't prepared for what lurks beneath The Sphere.
We Do Whatever We Need To Survive
Episode overview
Revived from deactivation, Hannah discovers Jeffrey has imprisoned her faction. But hope is regained when a desperate adversary switches sides.
We're A Team, Remember?
Episode overview
With time running out, the imprisoned faction attempts a coup. But can Jeffrey and his team truly be defeated?