Ellen's Next Great Designer

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Episode overview
Scott Foley tasks seven talented designers handpicked by Ellen DeGeneres with their first furniture-making challenge: transforming basic raw materials into show-stopping signature pieces.
Portia’s Art of Design
Episode overview
Ellen’s wife and special guest Portia de Rossi gives the designers their next challenge: use the color, form, and general feeling of a painting from her art publishing company to inspire an original piece of furniture.
Shaping Up With Ellen
Episode overview
The remaining competitors work against the clock to incorporate a 3D geometric shape — from a humble cube to a 20-sided icosahedron — into a furniture design of their choice.
Foley Artists
Episode overview
After a virtual tour of Scott's new home, the designers are tasked with building a safe, beautiful, and fun outdoor play structure
Ellen Loves Surprises
Episode overview
Jockeying for a spot in the finals, the designers face their most ambitious challenge yet: bringing a surprise element to a multi functional piece of high-end furniture
The Collection
Episode overview
For their final challenge and the $100,000 prize, the remaining designers face the ultimate test: creating a cohesive three-piece collection for an iconic Los Angeles home.