Drain the Oceans

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The Atomic Ghost Fleet
Episode overview
A high-tech survey reveals the dark secrets of U.S. nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll.
The Viking Seas
Episode overview
After vanishing in the Baltic over 450 years ago, a formidable battleship reveals secrets.
Egypt's Sunken City
Episode overview
A legendary ancient Egyptian city, lost beneath the waves for 2,000 years, finally gives up its secrets.
The Battle of Britain
Episode overview
In summer 1940, Great Britain stood alone against the Nazis. Now we uncover the wrecks that reveal the truth behind the Battle of Britain.
Pirate Ships of the Caribbean
Episode overview
Uncovering the long-lost shipwrecks of legendary captains reveals why the Caribbean — more than all other seas — became famous for pirates.
The American Revolution
Episode overview
Forgotten wrecks from the American Revolution are discovered. Cutting-edge computer graphics shed new light on the struggle for independence.
Raiders of the Civil War
Episode overview
Draining American rivers, seas and oceans reveals military tactics from the American Civil War that rewrote the rules of warfare forever.
The Last Wrecks of WWII
Episode overview
Hitler’s latest weapons sink during a top-secret U-boat mission. An American aviation breakthrough brings victory to the Allies in the Pacific.
Episode overview
Underwater exploration reveals astonishing secrets: terrifying disasters, war-winning heroics and an engineering marvel that saves the city.
Episode 10
Episode overview
This episode has no summary.