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Episode overview
Joel is thrust back 20 years into the past, where his first order of business is to survive algebra class and keep from being humiliated in the student council election.
Joel Strikes Back
Episode overview
Joel picks a fight with a high school bully. This time around, he decides to stand up for himself.
Investing in the Future
Episode overview
Tired of not having money, Joel decides to get a job by selling paper. Something his future self used to do.
The Anniversary
Episode overview
Joel makes desperate attempts to call his father's attention on his wedding anniversary and try to make him give his mother more attention, because the man who broke up their marriage .. show full overview
Take Me out of the Ballgame
Episode overview
Joel is faced with re-living one of the most embarrassing moments of his life: when he made his baseball team lose the game after missing 3 balls. He tries his best to avoid playing at .. show full overview
Rock 'n' Roll Parking Lot
Episode overview
Pat makes Joel steal his dad's precious Cadillac and go to the Def Leopard concert so they wouldn't be stuck home "with only three networks". At the concert, Joel uses his smooth talk to .. show full overview
Episode overview
It's Halloween, and Joel has a chance to rewrite what was his first kiss, which he accidentally had with Bonnie, an annoying girl who would end up dating him against his will for 6 .. show full overview
Star Search
Episode overview
When Joel enters a Star Search-like competition using a hit song from the future, he reevaluates whether he should become an accomplished musician the honest way or by stealing someone else's material..
Block Party
Episode overview
When Joel has the opportunity to change the events of the street block party where his family was ostracized by the neighbors, he tries to teach his father that winning isn't everything. .. show full overview
Cold War
Episode overview
After butting heads with his father over his curfew, school trips and adult responsibilities, Joel decides to stand up for himself and moves into Pat's home where the rules are more liberal.
Joel Larsen's Day Off
Episode overview
Joel decides he is not going to let turning 15 get in the way of celebrating what should be his 35th birthday, and cuts school with his friends Pat and Isabelle.
Hot for Teacher
Episode overview
Joel is failing in Biology and his parents think he needs a tutor, who happens to be very attractive. Joel works hard to impress his tutor, Abby, so that he can ask her out on a date. .. show full overview
Short Cuts
Episode overview
Joel Larsen competes in the science fair in order to not flunk the class. He tries to ride the coat-tails of Andrew Wages, a brainy science kid who supposedly invents the technology for .. show full overview
Valentine's Day Dance
Episode overview
"It's all about timing", is Joel's motto as he uses his second chance in life to ask Holly Kent to the Valentine's Day dance. Well, that and a red rubber ball, as we later discover as he .. show full overview
Episode overview
When Joel's mother comes up with the idea of tying string around the top of a trash bag, which he labels "Synch-sacks", Joel figures it's high time his father actually took her .. show full overview